Since the very first year in 2002, Oslo SusCon (OSC) has been an international gathering with two main purposes: first and foremost, it is an opportunity to suspend; secondly, it is a meeting place to share knowledge among practitioners of all levels. The convention is also a social arena for making friends and networking in our community.

Suspension practitioners from around the world come to OSC and work together with the Wings of Desire (WoD) crew. Once practitioner orientation is over, we put everyone together on the same team to form an International Mega Crew. We feel that this is the best way to share knowledge and gain practical experience from each other.

Dates for 2019 are July 14-19.

The main event runs for four days, ending with a party on the fifth:
Sunday—local crew, guest crew, and the volunteers set up the venue, get registered, and attend volunteer and crew meetings.
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday—main focus on suspensions.
Friday—our infamous OSC After-party with BBQ, Booze, and Branding in Håvves backyard.


Månefisken has been our Oslo SusCon home since 2004. Månefisken (The Moon Fish) is located beautifully next to the Akerselva River in Sagveien 23a in the Sagene area of Oslo. Månefisken was built around 1850 as a textile weaving factory and is now one of Oslo’s most beautiful and flexible event venues. Inside, there are high ceilings and space for many suspension points (including many static rigging possibilities and a point for the spinning beam). In addition, there are waterfalls in the back and front of the venue—one of which provides us with a gorgeous outside suspension point.

Public Hours

For selected hours during the week, the event is open to the general public. We have chosen to open the doors for outsiders for several reasons: participants who want to suspend with their friends and family present can invite them to attend the open hours, people with an itch for hooks get an opportunity to have a closer look at how it all goes down, and the suspension curious can come and have a peek into our colorful world of body modification and suspension. Public Hours usually happens on Wednesday from 15:00 to 19:00, CC: NOK 100

Attendance Categories

You can attend OSC in several ways.
* Please note that we have a limited number of spots for crew and volunteers, signing up in these categories will not guarantee your participation as such. If you have a strong desire to attend, but you are struggling with funds, you may apply for a scholarship. To do so, send an email to Håvve with your request. You can give any reason as to why you should get one, preferably a good reason.

Crew – NOK 1600 To work as crew you need to be an experienced practitioner and skilled in facilitating suspensions. You will work with the mega crew and help facilitate suspensions during the whole event. To qualify to be on the OSC Crew you must be a trained practitioner (yellow) in all of the three skill groups (A/B/C, Piercing, Rigging).

WoD crew – NOK 1000 We give our local crew a discount to be able to have as many of them attending as possible and because many of them work for months ahead of time to make the event possible.

Team Leader – NOK 1600 If you are competent and willing to take responsibility for facilitating a suspension from start to finish, leading a team, and teaching trainees, please sign up as one of our team leaders.

Trainee – NOK 2200 There are a rising number of people registering as crew, and we are not able to say yes to everyone. If you are an aspiring practitioner but not confident working alone, you should sign up as a trainee. You will get a trainee badge and have a chance to get hands on training under supervision of a team leader.

Volunteer – NOK 1600 The volunteer team is crucial to keeping the event running smoothly. If you want to help out at the event, we would love your help, but have limited spots. The work is not very hard, it’s basically setting up for—and washing up after—meals, tending to a fruit/coffee stand, and helping to keep the venue tidy and the toilets stocked with paper. If you want to be a volunteer, please add information about your previous experience in the form.

Non-practitioner – NOK 2200 This is for the people who do not want to work at all and would rather kick back, basking in the glory of OSC on their own time.

Press If you want to come as press to cover our event, please send an email to Håvve.

Sponsor If you want to sponsor our event, we will love you forever! OSC cannot exist without the generous help of our sponsors, and we truly appreciate the support we get! Please send an email to Alan or Håvve.

The payment deadline to secure your spot is 4 weeks before the event starts, but please pay sooner if you can. Please note that if you have registered for OSC and for some reason have to cancel, you must let us know at least 2 weeks in advance for us to be able to refund your fee. If you are a no-show, or cancel your registration after this, we will not be able to offer a refund.


We have a crew of awesome, dedicated kitchen bitches who make luscious lunches and delicious dinners for us (made at the legendary Cafe Blitz and served at the venue for lunch and at Blitz for dinner). The meals are vegan and scrumptious, and included in the fee. Make sure to sort your own breakfast before arriving at the venue. We do our best to make sure there is enough food for everyone, but if you are a big eater or don’t like vegan food, please bring additional food for yourself. There are several markets and restaurants in the area if you want additional food or something special. For those who want hot meat in their mouths, we will make it available at the BBQ (in addition to vegetarian/vegan food). We charge NOK 300 extra for the OSC BBQ After-party.



Getting around Oslo is easy. If you have not been to OSC before, please check out our Oslo SusCon map.

For people traveling to Oslo Airport Gardermoen (OSL/ Oslo Lufthavn), we recommend taking the local train to town. You can also use the airport express train, which is faster but more expensive, or the bus service. People travelling to Torp can take the bus to Oslo Central Station.

To get to Månefisken you may take tram 11, 12, or 13 to the stop Biermanns gate or bus 21 or 33 to Sannergata. For getting to Blitz you may take tram 11 to Holbergs plass or bus 21 to St. Hanshaugen. Or you can walk, Oslo is a great city for walking!

You will find information on public transport at Ruter#. We recommend RuterBillett app for buying tickets, and RuterReise app for planning your travel. The smartest thing to do would be to get a 7 days pass with 1 zone for NOK 249. You can also use this on the local train from the airport, and get a supplementary ticket for NOK 88. 



We realize that accommodations in Oslo can be expensive and do our best to find lodging for the working crew and volunteers if necessary. Capacity is very limited, we strongly encourage everyone to sort themselves if they can. We offer a dorm for the volunteers and private accommodation for some of the crew, from Saturday to Saturday. We will give priority to those who travel the furthest and charge a fee of NOK 800 per person to cover the cost of rent and other expenses. Often we are not able to sort out who stays where until close to the event.

Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate non-practitioners. We recommend people to check out places like airbnb, CouchSurfing, Short Stay Apartments, and Ekeberg or Bogstad Camping. If you want to stay in a hotel, check out Anker Hotel. Feel free to use the Oslo SusCon 2018 event page or the Oslo SusCon 2018 Participants group on facebook to share information and hook up with potential roommates.

OSC Merchandise

We use the talented Subterranean Prints for design of the event t-shirt and poster. She has done the design since 2014, and does beautiful silkscreen prints. Make sure to pre-order when you register! The t-shirt model that Hartmut Parade will print them on, can be viewed via these links: men’s model and women’s model. Please be aware that the model is long and slim and may shrink a little bit when you wash them. We recommend going one size up.



WoD will provide hooks and shackles for most suspensions. Please note that, while we now have our awesome new PS Hooks; PSX1 8ga and PSX2 6ga in stock, some of the hooks have been used before and thoroughly processed according to our protocol. If you have any concerns about previously used hooks, please bring your own sterilized ones, we will not be able to sterilize items at the venue.

There is a limited supply of Gilsons and Blacksheeps. If you plan to suspend over the waterfall, please bring your own to help us cover the need for locking hooks.



If you want something special for your suspension that requires extra attention and planning, please send an email to Håvve no later than 3 weeks before the event. If you have any questions, cancellations or other concerns, send an email to June, but please be patient for your response, her availability is limited. If urgent, contact Håvve. Once you have completed your registration you will receive an automatic confirmation, if you do not, please check your spam-filter.

Oslo SusCon is a drug and alcohol free event! 

The registration is currently closed.