Wings of Desire
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Photographer contract


This is a contract between Wings of Desire Suspension Team (WoD) and any person taking pictures or video at any event hosted by WoD.

Use of images

The photographer understands and accepts that any images, still or moving, taken at any WoD event, may only be used for personal, non-commercial purposes, such as posting on a social networking site, blog, etc.

Under no circumstance is any material, at any time, to be used or sold commercially without WoD’s approval in writing.

The only person authorized  to approve such use is Håvve Fjell,

Model consent

In addition, the photographer must make sure that the people whom he/she records images of consents to being photographed, and are willing to allow the sharing of the images.

Representatives of the media are treated somewhat differently but shall still be responsible for obtaining model release forms for the subjects of their images.


I, _____________________________________________ , hereby declare that I have read and understood the terms and conditions of WoDs photo policy.


Place & date


Signature, photographer  


Signature, WoD