• Be Clean

    We are literally getting under your skin; this intimacy is a lot more comfortable for both parties if the personal hygiene is looked after.

  • Be Polite

    Be respectful to your fellow participants, to the crew and to the audience.

  • Be Sober

    At our events we can, and will refuse to suspend anyone who’s under the influence of drugs or alcohol, including hangovers!

  • Be Respectful

    Listen to the people in charge.

  • Be Honest

    Do not fail to inform us of any health conditions (or other possible issues) as this could have serious effects on your suspension.

  • Be Generous

    Give of yourself, share your experience, be supportive and lend a hand where it’s needed.

  • Be Active

    Pay attention to your surroundings and help us to keep the venue clean and tidy.

  • Be Aware

    Pay attention and think twice before touching ANYTHING. Don’t touch anything with BLOOD on it if you’re not in the crew, not even your own.

  • Be Patient

    Patience is a virtue; you just have to face it.

  • Be Cool

    Do not stress. Do not shout. Do not run. Do not argue. Do not nag. Do not complain. Just be cool. (We are.)